We have the modern solution for increasing your brand recognition and providing enhanced customer comfort with no-itch surface adding to repeat purchase loyalty.

By sealing your logo, size and/or care information on-garment instead of using sew-in labels we eliminate both the scratch and ink fade of printed labels.

Our “Ever-Seal” heat transfers are the most trusted tagless labels in America, used on the largest apparel brands.

Manufactured with proprietary inks which are proven to withstand the most vigorous wash tests over years of use.

Our tagless heat transfer labels will not scratch or peel off and when stretched, and will bounce back to original form and not crack so your image is always perfect.

With our proprietary manufacturing process coupled with our quick-bond application time, our “Ever-Seal” heat transfer labels are the most attractive and cost-effective in the industry.

We have capacity to manufacture hundreds of thousands per day at the most-competiitve costs worldwide! Try us and see.

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